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Gabi Mirelez – Queer Tailor

“What is Queer Tailoring and what even makes it Queer?”

To be Queer is to be non-conforming with society’s standards.

To be Queer is to be a thrift store shopper or a boutique regular.

To be Queer is to be unapologetically you.

Sweetlime Alterations stands by finding, embracing and celebrating Individualism through how a garment fits and feels on the body.

As a Queer Tailor, it’s my specialty to fit clothes to the Individual, not the standard.

-Gabi Sweetlime xo

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Preparing for Your First Fitting

Plan for your pinning appointment to last between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the number of garments and/or the complexity of the project

Wear your undergarments
*including underwear, bra, binder, packer, etc.

Wear the shoes you plan to wear with any pants, long dresses, skirts, or other long garments you’re having altered.

Expect a body positive environment at Sweetlime Alterations.


Two copies (one in English, one in Spanish) of the Body Positive Zone poster above hang at Sweetlime Alterations.

The posters were purchased from Nalgona Positive Shop on Etsy. Visit the listing here: etsy.com/listing/244007875/body-positive-poster-11×17


What People Are Saying About Sweetlime

As a masculine of center queer woman, it’s absolutely invaluable to me to have Sweetlime – and Gabi, more specifically – serving our community! Gabi altered my wife’s wedding dress, tailored my wedding clothes to perfection, and made my best-woman, ‘made-for-men’ suit fit me great in a short period of time for my best friend’s wedding. Others have said it, so I’m echoing their praise when I say that Sweetlime is a welcoming, comfortable, homey space. I cannot begin to recommend Gabi and her excellence to the extent she deserves.
Mary Lawrence

Gabi is fantastic! Whether it’s hemming pants or refitting an entire suit jacket, Gabi consistently produces high quality work. She really knows her stuff. I like that she is very customer-oriented. She takes the time to find out what your goals are, makes recommendations so it fits well based on your body type, and makes sure you’re satisfied. The price is reasonable and I’ve had zero issues with the turnaround time. Even when I said no rush, it was done in two weeks. I enthusiastically recommend Gabi to anyone looking to get alterations done.
Drew Marquis

Gabi was a lifesaver when I needed a quick turnaround on taking in suit pants. Her work was fantastic and having proper fitting pants is such a confidence boost.
David Robinson Jr

I took my ill-fitting swimsuit to Gabi on Sept 23. I tried it on in her quaint & cozy shop (complete with a dressing room) and showed her the areas I wanted altered. She put a few pins in and sent me home. I picked it up Oct 3 and it fits amazingly. I can’t wait to wear it in Jamaica! Fast, affordable, and friendly. Thanks Gabi!
Brianna Williams

I’ve gotten a variety of pieces tailored at Sweetlime and all of them came out beutifully! Gabi is welcoming, kind, and makes her clients feel comfortable with the body-positive atmosphere. In addition, Gabi uses the shop as a place for community building by supporting local artists and hosting events. Sweetlime is a Cleveland gem that I HIGHLY recommend!
Colette Ngana

Gabi listened attentively to what I was looking for in my alterations and delivered! I am very happy with the end result.
Megan Ahlman

Gabi has done both an amazing job at tailoring clothing down to perfectly fit folks, and even has made clothing larger and done incredible plus size alterations for my clients. I send all of my clothing store’s clients to Sweetlime for their incredible work!
Rachel Kacenjar

An incredible service. Outside of how talented Gabi is and how great her work is, her shop is so warm and welcoming. She listens to what *you* want and will absolutely deliver. I’m grateful that she is in the community and providing the space that she does for events and gatherings. I tell her all the time – Sweetlime feels like home.
Ryan Clopton-Zymler

Gabi is professional and friendly-
Her costumer service skills are a joy and the shop also have fantastic events.
Her skill in alterations is fantastic ! I send my friends there along with my costumers
Bella Sin

Gabi is an amazing tailor who’s done everything from my husband’s wedding suit, to my sister’s wedding dress, to numerous shirts along the way. I will endlessly recommend her for her beautiful work!
Megan Kuhar


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